Mario Fratto Responds to Claudia Tenney’s Personal Attacks

Today, Mario Fratto made the following statement:

On election night, I called Claudia Tenney to concede the race, and congratulate her on her win. On that call I was warned, that if I run again they will run a “dirty” campaign against me. It looks like she has made good on her promise.

Claudia wants to distract from her terrible voting record which has earned her an “F” rating as a conservative. Since she can’t win on the issues she will resort to personal attacks. Unlike Claudia, I have not worked in Albany and Washington DC for the last three decades. I was told by one party boss supporting Claudia to “go back to my forklift.” Yes, I’ve actually had to work real jobs, and I am proud of that.

Since 2022, Claudia has run for Congress in 30 of New York’s 62 counties, in three different congressional districts. When she abandoned her home district, she claimed it wasn’t to stay in power, but because she cares about the people in this area.

I’m running an America First campaign to put the people back in control and to take on the establishment that has been selling us out for decades. Unlike Claudia Tenney, I will not be supporting billions to Ukraine, increasing the debt, granting amnesty to illegals, taxpayer funded sex change operations for “transgender” people, Planned Parenthood funding, or red flag laws to take your guns.

I look forward to running a grassroots campaign based on issues, and having debates, so the voters can have a clear choice this time around. I know that with your support we will be victorious on June 25, 2024. Thank you and God bless.

Mario Fratto’s family has lived in the district for five generations. He runs his family’s granite construction business. More information can be found at

To arrange an interview with Mario, please email or call 315.220.0408.