Mario Fratto Responds to Claudia Tenney Accepting Money from Big Pharma

Today, Mario Fratto made the following statement:

Claudia Tenney raised $300,000 but that money was not from grassroots supporters. Tenney is funded by Big Pharma companies like Pfizer. After the draconian response to the pandemic and the unconstitutional vaccine mandates, New Yorkers need a representative who will fight for medical freedom — not the profits of pharmaceutical corporations. It is clear why Claudia Tenney consistently votes against the interests of her voters: she is more concerned with keeping her corporate donors happy.

Tenney consistently compromises on the most important issues, and we cannot afford to have a congresswoman beholden to Pfizer. Claudia Tenney cannot be trusted with our freedom when she is taking money from corporations that financially benefit from vaccine mandates. I will always fight for the freedom of New Yorkers, and I will never accept a dime of Corporate PAC money.

Mario Fratto’s family has lived in the district for five generations. He runs his family’s granite construction business. More information can be found at

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