Mario will work to restore traditional values and respect for our police and military. He knows that “wokeness” and men competing in women’s sports was not the vision of our founders.

Foreign Policy

Mario is fully committed to ending American dependence on communist China. Trillions of dollars and millions of jobs have been sent overseas to countries that hate us. Mario will put an end to globalist policies and fight for America First policies.


Mario knows that we need to cut unnecessary spending to reduce inflation. Claudia Tenney has repeatedly voted for the Pelosi-Biden spending that is running up our national debt. Mario will take a stand, and fight to eliminate unconstitutional departments, like the Department of Education.


Mario will make sure that any school teaching “Critical Race Theory” will not receive any federal funds. He will fight for school choice and parental rights.


Mario believes that our senior citizens and veterans should be our priority for healthcare. He knows that we must take care of our people, not illegal aliens and refugees.


Mario supports an immigration system that puts Americans first. Representatives like Claudia Tenney voted for amnesty for illegal aliens and to block deportations, despite the crisis on our southern border. Mario will work to secure the border by finishing the wall, opposing amnesty, and implementing the death penalty for fentanyl traffickers. Mario also supports legislation requiring individuals to have a Voter ID to register to vote.

Energy Independence

Mario will fight for America to regain its status as an energy independent nation so that we are not dependent on hostile foreign countries for energy. He will vote against wasteful Green New Deal projects and put American manufacturing first. Mario supports construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which generated thousands of jobs for Americans.

Second Amendment

Mario supports nationwide constitutional carry. He is dedicated to protecting our constitutional freedoms and will not support any legislation that infringes on the Second Amendment. Mario will oppose gun control policies like Red Flag laws which target law abiding citizens.


Mario will fight to protect the lives of unborn children, and he will oppose any funding to abortion providers like Planned Parenthood.

Term Limits

Mario has signed the US Term Limits pledge to support a bill which allows no longer than six years in Congress for Representatives. Claudia Tenney has broken her pledge and sponsored her own bill which would permit career politicians to serve in Congress for almost fifty years!

Religious Liberty

Mario believes religious liberty is a cornerstone of our republic, and he will fight against government infringements on Americans’ religious beliefs. Mario will oppose any legislation that threatens the rights of religious individuals, nonprofits, and adoption agencies.

Medical Freedom

Mario is against all mask and vaccine mandates. He will fight to ensure Americans have true medical freedom. Unlike Claudia Tenney, who is funded by Pfizer and Big Pharma, Mario pledges not to take a single dollar from any drug companies.